Mechanical Wet Services      Value 3 million ZAR

Savanna was handpicked for this project and specific designing was conducted surround our products. We installed 47 GRP tanks designed for the life support systems for the marine life. The works were constructed, commissioned and tested during a period of 3 months.

Zutshwa  D&C                     Value 45 million ZAR

This was our Sec design and Build project. Savanna Constructionwith our in-house design/engineering team designed this complete project in strict accordance to the clients ToR. The project involved a desal Plant, Ponds, Raw water and Product water tanks and a 70 km pipe line.

Maun Treatment Plant      Value 75 million ZAR


This was a joint venture initiative between Savanna and Asphalt Botswana Pty Ltd. It was a 8 month project involving 6 sectional tanks, 8 km pipe line, treatment works, pumping station, sludge ponds and telemetry system. The Project was also another a D&C.

Malatswiai                           Value 13 million ZAR

This was another D&C project within our in-house engineering team. The project involved ponds , product/raw water storage, housing and a water treatment plant.  

Molapowabojang                Value 4 million ZAR

Build and construct pipeline - 3 Kms of main tramission line and internal connections.

CCC/WBHO Jv Ps 4.1         Value 2 million ZAR

Build and construct Manhole Chambers for the Bokka area.

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